Let’s Talk Hair!


I’ll admit when it comes to hair I’m pretty low maintenance. Getting ready for a night out involves washing and blowdrying it and more often than not walking out the door with half the ends still a bit damp because I’m too lazy to finish it off. I’ve never even curled my own hair. Well, not successfully. There was this one time I tried using my ghd straightener but I failed miserably and haven’t attempted it since. That was six years ago.

I know it sounds crazy considering I’ve done a lot of modelling so you’d assume I would be an expert with hair by this stage, but this is one area I’m seriously lacking some skills. If you ever see me with curly hair it’s because I left it in from a job – one of the perks – or somehow I convinced one of my friends to do it for me. I actually used to drive my friend crazy in LA when I proceeded to make her curl my hair every single time we went out (thanks Ash!) even though it would drop by the time we even got to where we were going. In my mind, curling = too hard basket. Until….


On Wednesday night I headed to the launch of ghd curve, their new range of curling tools. Sick of my dead straight hair I was curious to see these things in action and if, miraculously, this rookie might be able to master the art of tousled waves.

There’s four types of curlers in the ghd curve range, each giving the hair a different style. The soft curl tong creates voluptuous volume, the classic long curl tong is designed for a classic curl, the creative curl wand is perfect for that laidback luxe look, and the classic-wave wand is your ticket to glamorous Hollywood waves. My favourite was the creative curl wand – it looked the easiest to use (no clamp) and creates this really cool toussled beach hair kind of look – my dream summer hair. It’s the kind of pointy one pictured below.

3a ghd curve group shot_1

Okay so what’s all the hype about? The new ghd curlers all have tri-zoneTM technology which basically means they have six sensors which heat to, and maintain evenly, an optimum temperature of 185°C (so they won’t damage your hair) evenly across the barrell. They heat up super fast and take less time to set – online five seconds for finer hair and eight for thicker hair.

The whole idea behind the range is to create “curls that last as long as you do”. That’s a big promise so I’m curious to road test that statement, especially as my hair is notorious for dropping. Let’s just say I need a little help in that department… but hey, that’s what products are for!

You’ll have to wait until the end of September to get your hands on one of these beauties though. But that’s okay, gives you time to save the $250 it’ll set you back. Just think of the cost per use ratio. Once I get mine I’ll let you know how I go. Maybe this time I’ll get it right, but until then I’ll leave it to the professionals…


L to R: ghd curve classic wave wand and ghd curve creative curl wand.

And in real life…



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