On Friday I felt inspired.

It was one of those afternoons where the air had that hint of a springtime breeze and there was just enough warmth in the day to wash away the winter. Instead of working on a proposal like I should have been doing, I spent the hours reading F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes and lulling in a literary haze, wandering with my thoughts and imagining being anywhere but here.

So I wrote a poem.




I want the sun to set,

And darkness fill the sky.

Lay still beneath the Milky Way,

Get lost, just you and I.


I want to see the stars,

And kiss that midnight sky.

I want to breath the moonlight air,

Alive, just us, we lie.


I want to hold your hand,

And whisper endless dreams,

I want to talk forever,

Be still, but in between.


I want words to be our currency,

And feelings be our binds.

An intimate infinity,

One galaxy, two minds.


Those moments where the world moves rhythmically are fleeting. Take them and dance with them because you’ll blink and they’ll be gone.


Bright Eyes


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