A Conversation with Juliette Hogan

Note: I interviewed Juliette for my New Zealand Fashion Week blog on The Edge. You can follow my coverage her and follow me on Instagram @theedge_insider and @brighteyes_samanthashorter.

One of my favourite Kiwi designers, Juliette Hogan always delivers a sleek NZFW show – her garments sophisticated in their effortlessness, elegant in their tailoring, and charming in their colours.

Walking in her show is a dream too – from her amazing team and beautiful aesthetic, to the friendly atmosphere and homemade backstage treats, this is one designer everyone loves. I know this first-hand having modelled for her before and I’m lucky enough to be doing so again next Wednesday evening at her show.

I chatted to Juliette about NZFW, her summer collection, and asked her some valuable style advice. Read on, you’ll enjoy this…


Let’s talk NZFW…

With only a week to go, how you’re feeling about your show next week?

Pretty good. I had a couple of nightmares last night about it but generally we are fairly organised. The collection is looking beautiful and I’m excited about it being seen on the catwalk with all the bits and pieces to enhance it – lighting, hair, makeup, music etc.

Describe your winter 2015 collection in three words…

Strong, haunting, modern.

You’ve been involved with NZFW since 2006. How do you think showing your collection in the event has helped your brand?

It just enables the customer to get a real feel for how we see the brand ourselves – it helps portray the brand aesthetic and tells the full story behind the collection.

What’s your favourite part of NZFW?

The few minutes just before the show starts. There is such an energy in the air and everyone is so excited.

What’s your funniest NZFW memory?

The time Murray Bevan had to cut a button out of his pants back stage so that I could sew it on to one of my dresses – I had forgotten to sew one on previously.

You always have a killer soundtrack. How do you pick the music for your show?

This years sound track is so damn good – it’s probably what I’m most excited about. We work closely with Charlotte Ryan to make sure the music we use strongly reflects what we are trying to convey with the show and the clothes.

This one’s from personal experience… You’re famous for your homemade backstage treats (there’s never any hangry models at this show). What’s on the menu this year? Ha. You’ll have to wait and see… Let’s just say I’m as excited about the food backstage as I am about the show.


Let’s talk about your current season…

Tell us about your collection ‘New Day’ that’s just starting to hit stores?

It’s one of my favorite collections yet. The colours and silhouettes are just so perfect for right now. It has a toughness to it while at the same time still having a hint of the classic feminine style that I love. We have done denim this season – a skinny black jean. The fit is perfect and they work so well paired back with our boxy and voluminous t’s – which is pretty much my everyday uniform at the moment.

What’s your must-have item from your summer collection?

The Kelvin skirt. A full-length black raw silk skirt with loads of shape and volume. This paired back with a basic cotton t and a pair of sneakers is just heavenly… 


Let’s talk about style…

What’s your favorite trend for Spring/Summer 14/15?

The juxtaposition of form. Dressy paired back with casual. Sport luxe.

How can we work this trend into our current wardrobe to update our look?

Don’t be afraid to wear special pieces every day. Wear fancy pieces back with basics – sequin skirts with t’s, full skirts with sneakers.

What classic items must every girl own?

The Cutler t, the Klein slip, and the Dresden jumpsuit.

What’s your perfect Saturday night outfit? What about a lazy Sunday?

Saturday night is our black leather Sidney skirt with either a grey marle t tucked into it or a dressier silk Hudson t with a slit down the back. Both options work for so many different occasions.

Sunday is spent lounging in the floral Leonard pant and colour block sweater.

What’s some style advice we should all remember?

Stand tall.

Complete this sentence: Never wear _______ with _______.

Never wear a pirate eye patch with a sequin dress.


Oh Juliette, I love you even more! How could you not? Honest and down-to-earth, it is such a pleasure to be a part of what she does. Let’s just say I can’t wait to walk in her show on Wednesday, and taste test the backstage nibbles, of course.


To view the collection or shop online visit her website. You can find her on Facebook here or follow her on Instagram @juliettehogan

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