A Toast to the People

There’s a fine line between being sophisticated and being pretentious, maintaining exclusivity without projecting arrogance. Herein fits Les Gens, the new cool kids club in town that walks that tight rope quite nicely, and in a pair of Louboutins to boot.

Literally meaning ‘the people’ in French, Les Gens is a private, members-only club founded in June by Clare Andrew. From elegant soirees to intellectual discussions, Les Gens entertains a new social society in Auckland, and it’s for men just as much as it is for women.

Inspired by bright lights cities like Paris, New York and London, the group is a collaboration of like-minded people connecting in different cultural contexts to share ideas, make friends, and most of all have fun. Constantly evolving, Les Gens is the instigator, but it’s the people which give it value. It is, after all, a community.

Does high tea with The Caker and a long ladies lunch at The Sugar Club sound appealing? These are two of Les Gens’ first events, the latter which I attended on Saturday afternoon (full review coming soon). With champagne, a three-course meal of gastronomic excellence, and a postcard-perfect view overlooking Auckland all on the 53rd story of the Sky Tower, it was definitely a superb Auckland affair.

Next up on the schedule is the Les Gens Winter Masquerade Ball. Forget a Cinderella story, this one is more New York Met Gala. Think alluring lace masks, elegant gowns and men in black-tie (swoon) held in the ballroom of a grandiose heritage Auckland home, complete with a glowing fireplace to keep the chills at bay. With Grey Goose vodka, East Imperial tonic, and The Kitchen Collective also on board, Saturday 2nd of August is set to be one of those magical I-feel-like-I’m-somewhere-else-and-I-love-it nights. Auckland, c’est très chic!

But now, to find the perfect mask…

For more information or membership enquiries visit lesgens.co.nz. You can also follow Les Gens on Facebook or Instagram @_Les_Gens_.

Photo by Adam Custins featuring model Veronica Crockford-Pound. Veronica

Photo by Adam Custins featuring model Veronica Crockford-Pound.

© Samantha Shorter and Bright Eyes, 2014. 

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